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Here is where I store and share all of my thoughts about books. You can find everything to rants, reviews, thoughts, and more. I take every review seriously. I love writing reviews. They are a way for me to keep track of the books I have read, and what I thought about them. I love to read other people's reviews. They help me find great books. It doesn't matter if it is a 1 star review, or a 5 star review, I find them all helpful. However, I don't let reviews decide the way I feel about a book before I read it. I just take in mind what other people liked or didn't like about a book. I am glad to share my love of books with others!

Currently reading

An Executive Decision by Grace Marshall
Seeing Red (Hearts and Minds) by Holley Trent
Bonds of Trust by Lynda Aicher
Slow Summer Burn by Elisabeth Barrett
Game for Anything by Bella Andre
Allegiant by Veronica Roth
Lethal Lawman by Carla Cassidy
Claimed (Club Sin, #1) by Stacey Kennedy
Holly and Her Naughty eReader by Julianne Spencer
Kissing Under The Mistletoe (The Sullivans, #10) by Bella Andre