Forbidden Obsessions (Bondage & Breakfast #4) - Jodie Griffin * I received my copy of this book from Carina press on NetGalley.*
This is the first book I have read by this author. However, I will be going back to check out the entire series. This is more than just a book about BDSM. I was in love with Gabe from the first page. He is a strong minded Dom, who knows what he wants. But, what he wants may not be possible. Olivia is a injured fire fire, that needs time to heal. She goes to Gabes bed and breakfast, expecting rest. However, rest is not what she exactly gets. Knowing but not knowing what BDSM is. Olivia becomes interested in Gabe, and his world. However, Gabe wants her to become his sub, but he is afraid for her because of her injuries. Not knowing what she is getting herself into, Olivia submits to Gabe. This book was crazy hot, and cute at the same time. I love have protective Gabe was towards Olivia. However, Gabe's protectiveness drives Olivia crazy. I couldn't stop reading this book, it was so addicting! The raw sexual need between them was so hot. I love how sex between them turned into love. It was a really really good read!