Enthralled - Kayci Morgan I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a review. I would like to say thanks to the author for allowing me to read an review this book. This book was short and sweet, it was really cute.

Alex, a vampire was driving around looking for a snack, but he got much more. Ryan was on the side of the road trying to find someone to pick him up so he could make some money. However, Ryan didn't expect to get more than just money.

This book was short, but sweet. It was a really good read. I enjoyed the way this book started, and finished. I hope the author will add on to the book. It would be an amazing book if she did. This short story is definitly something i will read again, when I want something short and sweet. I hope to read other books by this author in the future, I really enjoyed her writing style.

If you enjoy m/m books, and anything with vampires in it, then pick this book up. It is something that can be read over and over!