The Falling of Love (The Falling Series)

The Falling of Love (The Falling Series) - 'Carraine Oldham',  'Marisa Oldham' This is a heart renching story of two teens, who were forced to grow up before their time. I fell head over hill in love with Grace an Ian. They opened up a special place in my heart for these two characters.

While I was reading the book, I felt every emotion and heart breaking thing they went through. This is a story that will have you wanting more. The romance between Grace and Ian was beautiful. However, I did loose a little love for Ian because of the way he treated Grace. Grace tried to find love in other guys, but no one really came close. I gave this book four stars, because I am a true sucker for romance, and this book made me cry. I enjoyed going on the jurney with Grace and Ian, and I hope I will get the chance to read book two soon!

I recieved this book in exchanged of a honest review, Thank you Marisa!