Club Wonderland (Friends and Benefits, #2)

Club Wonderland (Friends and Benefits, #2) - Christine d'Abo * I received my copy of this book from NetGalley.*

Welcome to Wonderland! A BDSM club that will tempt you to go inside. Alice excepts that call after seeing her boss go inside. She follows him into a whole new world. She is shocked about what she finds, but turned on at the same time.

The author brings Alice into a whole new world, while explaining exactly what it is. I like how she also takes it slow for readers that are new to this genre. Readers are not jumping in head first. While very enjoyable, I just wish it was a bit longer. Gale is one of those hot doms Who wants to keep his heart in place. I love how this book was dipped into a river of romance! I thought it was so cute! At first, I thought Gail was a bit heartless, but we got to see the way he cares about his family. After that, I fell in love with him.

This was a really awesome page turner that had me wanting more I was caught up in the story, and really intrigued by the characters..
Over all this was a really great read! This is the first book I have read by this author. I definitely will be picking up book one really soon! If you are new to the BDSM genre, I highly highly recommend you check out this book!