Bonds of Hope (Wicked Play)

Bonds of Hope - Lynda Aicher As we return to the Den, I find myself drawn into the BDSM world fast. This hot and steamy book will suck you in. However, be careful, you just may get addicted! This is the second book I have read by Lynda Aicher, and it is amazing. Quinn Andrews is a sub deep down in her soul, but she is afraid to admit it. Marcus notices it right away. But, should he take charge over her, and become the dom she needs? He gives her a decision. This is more than just a battle for submission, this is a battle between herself and learning who she really is. Marcus is there to help her out along the way while being her dom. If you are not used to the BDSM world, you should start with this book. I think you will learn a lot.