The Third Kingdom (Richard and Kahlan, #2)

The Third Kingdom - Terry Goodkind "This review is originally posted on my blog"

After the Sword of Truth series, I was expecting more from Goodkind. The Omen Machine and The First Confessor weren't very good books. I thought The Third Kingdom would be just as bad. However, I was shocked. No, it is not as good as the SOT series, but it has its own flavor. The Third Kingdom eplains some things that are not in TFC. Richard was the main POV in this book. Goodkind through in a POV from Kalen as if he forgot about her. She was uncontious for most of the book. I thought Goodkind would show us what was going on with Zed and the gang, but that never happened. We learn about a new kingdom. Hints the title The Third Kingdom, or the north wall. If you have not read The Omen Machine and The First Confessor. I highly recommend you check those books out before you read The Third Kingdom. So, lets just say over all, I really enjoyed this book. I some of the old Richard from SOT, but don't get me wrong he wasn't a bad as like he was in SOT. Goodkind brings in a new character named Sam or Samantha. She is how we find out about the Third Kingdom. So, make sure you pick up your copy of The Third Kingdom.