Blood and Lilies ~ Bloodlines

Blood and Lilies ~ Bloodlines - Lyn Croft Wow this book was amazing! I can't wait to read the next one! Zillah onced cast from heaven, who is now a vampire, wants to get revenge. She wants to destroy all of gods kingdoms and take over. The key to the two realms is in the form of a human. Young Cara thinks she is just a human, but we find out that she is must more. Zillah is trying to find key, but Cara and Eamon a halfling runs into twin vampires, who just won't leave Cara alone. The twin, who work for Zillah, doesn't know she is looking for Cara. Eamon thinks Zillah is looking for Cara, but he doesn't understand why. Eamon and his family trys to protect Cara, but is it enough? I highly recommend everyone to read this book, there is something here for everyone! I want to say thank you to the author and the group for sending me this book to review!