Miss Underworld (The Diety's Secrets, #1)

Miss Underworld (The Diety's Secrets, #1) - Racquel Kechagias I was given a digital copy of this book in exchange for a honest review. Melinoe has been abandon at birth by her parents. With no family, and always running from the man in the storm, Melinoe wants to find out who her parents are, and why death himself is knocking at her door. I really enjoyed reading this book. Although I felt that the book was rushed, it was lacking details. However it didn't hurt the book. I enjoy anything about the greek gods, and this book was one of them. This was a great easy read, with a lot of power. If you are looking for a lite read, something that will keep your attention and that you would like to feel close to the characters, then this is the book for you. I would like to say thanks to the author for allowing me to review this book!