Caribou Crossing (A Caribou Crossing Romance)

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3.5 stars.

Caribou Crossing was an okay read for me.

I liked that it was about the life of a married couple. Most romance books only show the happily ever after . They never show life after marriage. I thought it was clever of the author to show what the family went through. The couple were happy to have another baby. When they had a miscarriage, instead of that bringing them closer, it drew them apart.

What I really didn't like, was the back and forth through the present and the past. Sometimes it was confusing, and in others it was pointless. At some pints in the book it was hard to get through. It is never good when you put a book down, and you don't really want to finish. I thought the book was dragged out. It seemed like the author was trying to add content to fill the pages. That is just how I saw it.

I also liked their daughter and her friend. I knew they were going to have a book of their own. I am excited to read it! The daughter Jessica, was obsessed with horses. I really liked her friend. They were perfect for each other even at a young age.

This book was so realistic, and for that, I gave it 3.5 stars.