Just One Night: Sex, Love & Stiletto Series

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I absolutely love this series. This is the Third book I have read by Lauren Layne, and I have rated all three five stars. This series is a must read for all romance fanatics!

Julie and Grace receives their happy ever after. Now it is time for Riley. I have been team Riley since the first book. In the other books Riley is scene as sexy and classy. This time we get to actually see what she is all about.

If you have followed this series, then you know that Riley is the magazines sex goddest. In the other books Riley has always been seen as the sexy, beautiful, confident one. However, all of the girls receives an assignment where they have to talk about the person behind the article.

However, Riley can't talk about the person behind the article because her sex life itsn't as hot as it seems. This is where her long time childhood crush, and best friend, steps into the picture. I really liked Sam from the beginning. You could really tell he was head over hills for Riley. He is one of those type of guys that will do anything for someone, even if that means he will get hurt in the cross fire.

Sam and Riley were perfect together. Layne has created a sexy, but sweet book that I just can't get enough of. I love the fact that all of the books are based around magazine articles that the girls have to write. It's sexy, funny, and romanic all in one package. How can you go wrong?

I am so excited to see what is next from Lauren Layne! I hope it's Emma's story!!

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