Love the One You're With: Sex, Love & Stiletto Series

Love the One You're With - Lauren Layne Grace just broke up with her boyfriend, but she is determined to get over it. And what better way to get over someone by doing a story with Oxford finest Jake? Grace and Jake has to go on five dates, but five dates turns into kissing, then sex, and... well love of course!

Lauren Layne is now officially my favorite author! This is the second book I have read by her, and I have fell in love with both of her books. Miss Layne is a romance goddess. Prepare for a romantic journey!

Miss Layne's books hooks you from the beginning, and takes you for an amazing ride. This time we get to read about Grace and Jake fall in love. I loved Grace from book one in this series, and I was so excited to read this book.

I was bewitched by this book. It was so amusing to watch Jake and grace go head to head. Miss Layne's books are romantic and sexy at the same time. Her books are more than just a love story. It has intriguing plots and characters that will have you at the edge of your seat.

Grace is the type of woman that wants it all. Kids, pets, and of course a house with a white picket fence. The only problem is, she doesn't have anyone to share it with. Jake is not a one woman type of guy. He loves to travel all over the world, but he also has to have a beautiful woman by his side. Grace and Jake are total opposites, but there is something about each other that they like.

I thought it was clever that Miss Layne created Grace 2.0.! Grace 2 .0 is the total opposite of the regular grace. She is independent, and doesn't take anything from anyone. I thought Grace 2.0 was hilarious! Whenever Grace 1.0 started liking Jake more and more. Grace 2.0 reminder her why that was a bad idea!

I highly recommend romance fans to give this book a read!

*I received this book from NetGalley.*