Christmas on 4th Street (Fool's Gold Romance)

Christmas on 4th Street - Susan Mallery I love returning to the Fools Gold world! It is a home away from home, and I love visiting all of my old friends, and meeting new ones!

There is nothing like being in the world of Fools Gold during the Christmas time. This Christmas we get to spend it with Gabriel and Noelle. Gabriel is a doctor for the military, and Noelle owns a cute little Holiday store.

No one says romance like Susan does. In most of her books the romance starts almost immediately. Noelle is asked to check on a friends dog, and we are introduced to Gabriel. Almost right after they connect with each other. In other Susan books we usually have a little time before the romance starts, but this time we didn't.

The characters of course were amazing, but I felt as if the book was a bit rushed. I can usually finish a Susan book in one day, but kept putting this one down. At first I couldn't figure out why I wasn't really into the book. A few of the old characters were there, but something was missing.

I was missing the story line. I couldn't really get a feel for what the book was really about. Usually Susan provides us with something more than just the romance, but I just didn't feel it. I also thought the book was rushed. Of course I loved the romance, but compared to the last 3 books; this just didn't hit its makr.

All Susan fans know that FG has a lot of festables and activities going on durring Christmas time, and just in the book in general. This time we just didn't get that holiday feeling from our characters. The little we did get to see was over shadowed.

Although I wasn't really into the book; I did enjoy the little cute moments in the book. When Gabriel and his family decorated Noelle's store window; I thought that was so sweet! Another one of my favorite parts was when Gabriel was willing to marrie Noelle to take care of her because of medical reasons. No, it's not really a good reason to get married, but he was willing to just drop everything and just take care of her. Sigh! I gave this book 3.5 stars because there were some parts of the book I really enjoyed!

*I received this book from Harlequin HQN on NetGalley.*