Conduit is one of those books that will grip you from page one, and have you thinking about it even when it is over. This is the first book that I have read by Angie Martin, but I must read more.

Conduit reminds me of a roller coaster ride. This book starts out by building the reader up with well needed information. Martin starts out with a mind blowing pro-log; that leads into a book that you will never forget.

The best part of a roller coaster ride, is when you don't know what is coming next. This book will keep you guessing on what will happen next. The twist and turns through out this book is perfect. I was so rapped up into the world that Martin creates. It was so hard to put it down. Now you know a book is good when you dream about it!

Martin has created amazing characters. I have 100% respect for Emily. She is a Strong female character that you just have to love. Martin dives right into Emily's mind, and David the killers mind. David is a creepy character, but it was interesting to see inside his head. Emily is a type of psychic that I have never scene in a book before. I would love to see more psychics like this!

The best part of any roller coaster ride is the drop. Martin takes us through a world wind of details that leads up to a breath taking drop. During this free fall everything unfolds. Martin brings a lot to the table. The events in the book will keep you on the edge of your seat.

After it is all over you are left gasping for breath, and wanting to read it again. Martin leaves you wanting more and more. This is a well written book, and I am so excited to see what is next from Angie Martin!! Thanks for this wild roller coaster ride Angie!!

Book provided by the author for review.